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20 questions to Puijon Hiihtoseura   


Many thanks to Puijon Hiihtoseura for answering my questions in 2003!    


Photo: (c) www.arttulappi.de

1.When was the ski club founded?


1930, Oct 20      Puijon Hiihtäjät (ski club: cross country, alpine skiing, ski jumping)


1952                   Puijon Mäkiseura (jumping club separated)


1954                   Puijon Hiihtoseura (name changed and all winter sports put together)




Who was the founder of Puijon Hiihtoseura?




In 1930:


Mr. Eino Halonen, Mr. Veikko Puustinen, Mr. Eino Kervinen,  


Mr. Armas Mytty, Mr. Johannes Kuitunen and Mr. Edvard Kujava.




How many members did the ski club have by the foundation?








How many members does Puijon Hiihtoseura have at present?








Which kinds of sports are offered?




Ski jumping, nordic combined, cross country skiing, biathlon


(alpine skiing is separated and using the name PHS Alppi)  




Who is the president of Puijon Hiihtoseura?




Mr. Tapio Kankaanpää, president of the club administration


Mr. Hannu Kukkonen, leader of the cross country skiing division 


Mr. Arto Lappi. leader of the ski jumping and nordic combined division  


Mr. Heikki Oksman, leader of the biathlon division  




How many ski jumps are in Kuopio and which sizes do they have?




In Puijo area: K 120, K 90, K 65, K 28 (all also in plastics)


In other areas: several K 8 - K 23




When were the ski jumps built?




Hills in Puijo area: between 1981- 1998




Could you tell us some details about the K 120 ski jump?




Funded and built by a private hill company (Puijon Mäet Oy)  




Today the owner is the City of Kuopio but the holder of hill service,


competitions and training is Puijon Hiihtoseura.




Hill record: 135.5 m (Masahiko Harada, JPN, 1998)




Plastic covered.




What are the jury widths of the K 90 and K 120 ski jump?




K 120 => 131 m,


K 90   => 101 m




How many coaches are responsible for ski jumping?








What are their names and tasks?




Head Coach:


Jänne Väätäinen




Top Team:


Janne Väätäinen, Ari-Pekka Nikkola, Petteri Mömmö, Jukka-Pekka Parkkisenniemi




Challenger Team (17- 18 years)


Sami Leskinen, Pasi Huttunen




Juniors 13- 16 years:


Pasi Moilanen, Risto Ikonen




Juniors 10- 12 years:  


Jorma Heiskanen, Jarmo Salmela




Juniors under 10 years:


Several coaches in many hills




How many ski jumpers are members of Puijon Hiihtoseura?




Competitor license: 55


Jumping school/courses: about 30- 50 today




Could you tell us some famous ski jumpers of the ski club of former times?




Matti Pietikäinen (World Champion 1954)


Mika Konjonkoski


Kari Ylianttila  


Risto Laakkonen  


Mika Laitinen  


Ari-Pekka Nikkola  


(still today) Toni Nieminen




Which ski jumpers of the ski club are member of Finnish A- or B-team?






Matti Hautamäki, Jussi Hautamäki, Janne Happonen, Arttu Lappi 



Matti Hautamäki            Jussi Hautamäki             Janne Happonen             Arttu Lappi







Pekka Salminen, Lauri Hakola, Juha-Matti Ruuskanen, Toni Nieminen


 Pekka Salminen           Lauri Hakola             Juha-Matti Ruuskanen             Toni Nieminen





Can you tell us some facts about the history of the ski club?




Please have a look on our website:




There will also be some English history of ski jumping in Kuopio.




When did the first competition take place and who was the winner?




Feb 19, 1911; Winner: Onni Harlin




When did the first competition take place and who was the winner?




Feb 11, 1995 (K 90)




Who were the top 3 of this event?




1. Toni Nieminen, FIN


2. Reinhard Schwarzenberger, AUT


3. Jens Weissflog, GER




Which ski jumper was allowed to open the K 120 in 1998?




Arri-Pekka Nikkola (77 m)


Arri-Pekka Nikkola



Questionnaire and photos: (c) H. Mittermaier