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Photo and questionnaire. (c) www.arttulappi.de



First name(s):Arttu Ville Eemeli
Family name: Lappi
Birthday and birthplace:11.05.84 Kuopio
Colour of your eyes:blue
Natural hair colour:dark brown
Hobbies:golf, tennis, computer, alpine skiing etc.
Favourite music:rap/rock
Favourite actor/actress:Axu :D
Favourite drink & food:light coke, chicken
Food that you don´t like:Kaalikääryleet
Please decribe you in  
three sentences:I`m just a normal Finnish guy.
Please charakterize a teamWe have a great team spirit. I won´t
member (name) in threecharacterize different persons closer,
sentences:but they are all really good guys.
You have three wishes free... Health of course, also some success...
which?Hey, more wishes!
Why did you select German as It´s a very important language in Middle
school subject?Europe and EU... and of course in ski
 jumping circus.
When did you start ski jumping?In March 1995
Do you collect something?No, I don´t.
What is for you the fascination Every jump and every hill is different.
of ski jumping?You won´t ever be a perfect jumper and
 there are no perfect jumps.
Who is your best friend in ski Janne Happonen
jumping circus? 
What is your personal best?190,5 meters;
Where?Kulm, Austria 2003
If you had the chance to change  
something in the ski jumping 
conventions what would it be? No Schneider suits!
Three sentences in German:Tjaa...was sollte ich sagen!
Your motto:Dictionary is the only place where
 success comes before work.

Questionnaire and Photo: (c) www.arttulappi.de