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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 5)



Photo and questionnaire: (c) www.arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire:

(c) www.arttulappi.de

1.Would you like to tell me something about your shape at present?
 I was in a good shape two weeks ago but just before Finnish SGP competitions
 I lost my condition somewhere. Now last two trainings have been better again.
2.Were you satisfied with your jumps in trainings?
 Good jumps satisfy me always.
3.What do you think about ski jumping events in Finland in summer?
 Those three hills aren´t the best hills but it is nice to compete every summer.
 It is like annual qualification for Hiza.
4.There are only few days till the Finlandia Veikkaus tour 2006 takes part.
a)What are your goals for this events?
 My biggest goal was to stay in b-team. This year the competition series was
 also the qualification to final b-team.
b)Are you happy that your family and friends can easier watch the events?
 Of course. My parents came to Kuopio´s competiton and normally also couple
 of my friends come to watch the jumps.
c)Which hill of this tour is your favourite?
 Puijo... those two K 90 hills aren´t just my favourites. =)
d)Who is your favourite for this tour? 
 Janne H. was and he also won the series. Janne A. won in Lahti, Janne H. in
 Kuopio and Matti in Vuokatti.
e)Which position do you think that you will reach?
 Are you sad if you won´t reach this position?
 8- 10. I was probably 11th. I´m not too sad because I have trained hard and
 my biggest aims are for winter.
f) Would you mind telling me few words about your jumps in each of this events?
 Lahti:       Two too short jumps but those were better than in trainings.
 Kuopio:    Two similar (111 m) jumps. I expected more.
 Vuokatti:  The only competition which was disturbed by wind. My jumps were in
                  in K 90 hill 78 m and 94.5 m... this tells a lot. =)



Artulle! Kiitoksia sinulle!

Questionnaire: (c) H. Mittermaier