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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 7) 




Photo and questionnaire: (c) www.arttulappi.de

1.How are you? Have you been satisfied with your training in the last
 two weeks?
 I´m fine. My ankle surgery in June went well and my condition seems to
 get better day by day. I´m doing really well even though my situation
 and my summer due to that surgery etc. have been unordinary. When
 all those problems are under consideration my condition seems to be
 good compared to that what it could be without ankle problems.
2.Are you enjoying to train in Kuopio at the moment?
 Yes, definitely but I miss also trainings in Rovaniemi.
3.How would you describe your jumps today?
 I jumped sevent times and six of those were good. Today I did my best
 jump this summer. :D
4.How often do you usually train per week?
 Eleven to 13 times... plus of course sports which I do with friends of mine
 (tennis etc.)
5.Which trainer is most important for you?
 Jarkko Saapunki
6.Is it great to spend more time with your parents and friends in Kuopio
 in summer?
 Of course but it is sometimes also quite hard to live at home for months  
 after you have already had your own apartment for years. :D  
7.Could you tell me something about your surgery? Do you still have any
 problems with this injury?
 My ankle is good now but of course it could be a bit more flexible. There is
 still some work to do.
8.Would you mind telling me a bit about Finlandia Tour competitions in Lahti,
 Kuopio and Vuokatti? Why didn´t you decide to go to the first SGP´s?
 3rd place in that tour was really good for me and I´m satisfied. My jumps
 were ok but they have not been yet in a level they should. That is also the
 reason why I won´t start in the first SGP`s.
9. Would you like to tell me something?
 It´s nice to see that you ´ve enjoyed your time in Finland. :-)



Many thanks for filling in the questionnaire! :D

Questionnaire: (c) H. Mittermaier