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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 6)




Photo and questionnaire: (c) Sabine@arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire:

(c) Sabine@arttulappi.de

1.Welcome to Black Forest, Arttu! How are you?
 I´m ok, thanks.
2.Do you like the ski jump in Titisee-Neustadt?
 Yes, the hill in Titisee-Neustadt has always been quite good for me.
 Especially I like the inrun and table... Flying isn´t so fun here than in
 some other hills but anyway it´s better than for example Innsbruck.


Did you change your technique before the winter season? Why have
 your jumps been better than last season?
 In summer time I was training a bit harder than before. We decided with
 my new coach Jarkko Saapunki that we wouldn´t concentrate on
 summer competitons. We also tried to make small improvements to my
 technique and those changes were successful.  
4.You won your first World Cup event in Kuusamo in November? How did
 feel when the prize giving ceremony took place? Was it a great feeling?  
 Of course it was a great feeling. I knew that I had the chance to beat
 everybody there but for most spectators it was a nice surprise. I would
 have liked to jump also the 2nd round and definitely the next competition
 on Sunday.
5.Where you disappointed after the Four Hills Tournament because you had the
 chance to be better than 6th position in Four Hills over all ranking 2006-2007?
 I´m satisfied with that result even though the last competition was a small
 disappointment. After all everything went well and I´m happy.
6.What do you think about your German? Have many people said that you speak
 German well?
 Yeah, quite a lot of people have said that my German is ok but I´m afraid of using it.
 Now I have almost had a three years break in German studies and I have forgotten  
 too many words.  
7. Do you like to give an interview in German?
 Not really. My English is better and when I answer in English I don´t have to think
 beforehand what I´m going to say. It´s not the same in German.
8.Could you tell us a bit about your never-ending trip to Zakopane?
 In Middle Europe there was very windy weather and the planes weren´t able to fly.
 So we had to stay in Munich Airport overnight... sleeping on benches! That wasn´t
 great... but it wasn´t at all. Flying company also lost my jumping equipment and I
 got this finally just before my trial jump on Saturday.
9.The weather conditions were not easy in Zakopane and it also happend the fall
 of Jan Mazoch. Did these affect your jump?
 No, it didn´t affect my jump. I was happy that I didn´t see his fall. So I just tried to
 do my best.
10.Many people said that jury had interupted the event too late. What do you  
 No comments.
11.There are only few days till the World Championships in Japan will be opened.
 Do you like Japan and Japanese food?
 I have been once in Japan and I liked it. The hills in Sapporo are quite good and
 there are a lot of possibilities to eat something else than raw fish. :)
12.Which targets do you have for the World Championship?
 I try to ensure my place in every competition. With team the medal is of course the
 biggest goal. In individual competitions I´ll try to improve my 6th and 12th place
 from Predazzo 2003 (Val di Fiemme).



Thank you very much for your answers, Arttu!

Questionaire:  (c) S. Link