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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 8) 



Photo and questionnaire: (c) www.arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire: www.arttulappi.de

1.Why have you decided that you won´t go to any further SGP´s this
 summer? How is your shape? What are your goals?
 Explaination to that why I won´t go to last SGPs is simply that I enjoy now
 training (and also studying) really a lot. I feel like autumn is absolutely the
 best time to secure that I´ll be in a good shape in Kuusamo`s season
 beginning. Now for two weeks I´ve been jumping really well again and I
 don´t want to lose that great feeling by competing in less important SGPs.
 My goals are in winter season (WC and World Championships) and everything
 seems to go now as I have planned.
2. How was Finlandia Tour for you? Which was your favourite competition
 and your best jump?
 Finlandia Tour went really well this year. I couldn´t expect that i could win
 the overall tour and two of three competitions. My home competition in
 Kuopio was the best for me and especially my first jump there. That secured
 me an easy victory and the first place in overall standings.
3.Would you like to say something about the SGP in Hinterzarten? Were you
 satisfied with your jumps in competiton?
 No way! I had jumped at least five times better jumps in previous trainings at
 home so I was more than disappointed. The positive thing was that I didn´t
 disturb our team competition totally.
4.You didn´t go to SGP start last year although you were qualified. Why did   
 you decide to take part this year?
 Maybe it was a mistake this year to go there but I can´t draw it back. We
 thought with our national team coach that it would be good to compete.
 Unfortunately I just lost my good condition immediately in Hinterzarten.
5. Your ancles are not your best friends. Which injury did you have this year
 and what was the reason for that?
 The ancle was the same than in previous year and this time the operation
 was made because there was a small bone spike that had to be removed.
 After trainings it was always hurting and the reason was that spike.
6. You have a new national coach. What is the difference compared to
 Tommi Nikunen?
 Not big differences but of course they are different in coaching and also
 as leaders. Both are okay!
7.Do you think it is a good idea to have more often training camps on
 hills which are not in Finland?
 Maybe it depends on the situation. Sometimes it is just better to stay
 at home.
8.Isn´t it sometimes difficult to combine ski jumping and your study?
 Have you ever thought to give up ski jumping because of that?
 No, I haven´t. Studying helps me to enjoy more training. It´s important
 to have also something else in one´s life than just sports.
9. If you had one month without appointments at all what would you
 like to do?
 I´d probably have a holiday somewhere...
10.Do you like to travel from one competition to another without coming
 home for one or two weeks?
 One week is not too much but two are if you´re having problems with
 your jumping. More than two weeks are too much.  
11.Do you already know how long you would like to jump? In which job
 do you think that you will work after your career end?
 At least till the end of the season 2009/2010. After that I have to check
 the situation. No dream jobs but of course something related to my



Photo and questionnaire: www.arttuappi.de

Photo and questionnaire: (c) www.arttulappi.de

12.Which of your team mates do you admire most and why?  
 I wouldn´t say that I´m admiring anybody but Janne H. has been a good
 friend of mine since we were 12 years old. He had some admirable
 competitions last year and I like him as he is.  
13.Have you ever got sunburnt?
 No, I haven´t. Even though I´m a Finn I am still quite dark and I don´t
 get easily sunburnt.
14.Why do many Finns like liquorice?
 It is good, sweet and fresh. Actually it´s good for your stomach.
15.Have you ever been a Santa Claus? Woud you feel good in a Santa
 Claus outfit?
 I was Santa once. Not really. I have played once Santa´s role (normal 
 Christmas) but I felt too thin and young to be a good Santa. Anyway
 it was fun! :)
16. What do you think about air guitar competitions?
 Those aren´t really needed but if somebody likes to play air guitar it´s
 ok for me I´d just tell them to train to play really guitar.
17.What kind of milk do you like? Fat free?
 Fat free definitely.
18.Has it never got on your nerves that you as ski jumper have to look
 after you weight?
 Always but that´s life of a ski jumper. If it irritates me too much I can
 always give up ski jumping and eat as much as I like. No one forces me
 to keep my weight at low level.
19. Does it disturb you if somebody thinks that you are Janne Happonen?
 No, it doesn´t bother me. We´re often laughing with Janne about that.
20.What would be a dream day for you?
 Everything goes like planned. Happily there are a lot of days like that
 in a year.
21.What are your favourite household chores? Have you ever baked  
 chocolate candies or biscuits by yourself?
 Dish washing with diswasher (machine) :D Howering is the worst.
 No, I haven´t
22.  If you had the choice between cooking a menu or washing up
 the dishes how would you decide?
 At the moment I feel like Greek salad with feta and olives, chicken
 breast, rice, curry sauce and berries would be my choice. That would
 be good for this day.



Thanks a lot for filling in my questionnaire! :-)

Questionnaire: (c) H. Mittermaier