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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 3)


Photo and questionnaire: www.arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire: (c) www.arttulappi.de

1.You moved to Rovaniemi some months ago.
a)Why do you like this city so much? 
 When you go norther and norther the people always get more and more
 friendly and open... at least in Finland. :) I don´t like too big cities and
 Rovaniemi isn´t such a big one.
b)What is the difference between Kuopio and Rovaniemi?
 It ´s better to train ski jumping in Kuopio and it´s bigger. I like both cities
 a lot.
c)Could you tell us something about your training situation in Rovaniemi?
 Ari-Pekka Nikkola still does training programmes for me. In Rovaniemi we
 don´t have a big hill but in K 90 it is good to train.
d)Who is your trainer there? 
 Marko Haarala gives me advice in the ski jumping trainings.
e)How many ski jumper train in Rovaniemi? What are their names?
 Maybe 10- 15 ski jumpers and nordic combiners. For example Herman
 Huczkowski, Hannu Manninen, Ville Kähkönen, Janne Ryynänen and
 Sami Niemi.
f)What do you think about doing all housework on your own? Have there
 ever been any problems? What kind of housework do you like most?
 No problems! I have already learned to do all those things when I lived
 at home. Let´s say it´s washing dishes with dishwasher. :D
g)How would you describe your skills in the kitchen? 
 I´m better than most of my male friends. :)
2.Could you tell us something about your jumps in this winter?
 I have had small technical problems but the biggest problem has been that 
 I haven´t been able to transform good training jumps into competitions.
3.Would you like to say something to your fans?
 I hope you all will have a really nice year 2006 with luck and success! :)


I would like to say thank you to Arttu for answering my questions!

Questionnaire: (c) H. Mittermaier