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More questions and Arttu´s answers (part 2)  


Arttu was so nice and filled in this questionnaire for his fanpage.

Thanks a lot, Arttu!


Photo: (c) Sabine@arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire:

(c) Sabine@arttulappi.de

1.Army is over now. How does it go on? Have you decided to study?
 Yes, it is. I have not got the results yet. but I tried to get into Lapland´s University
 in Rovaniemi. I am interested in law and Rovaniemi would be the best city to combine
 law studies and sports.
2.You were not very enthusiastic of the army hairstyle... Can your fans expect
 longer hair again? 
 Of course. ;)
3.Do you have a characteric which disturbs you?
 Everyone has.
4.Have you ever had pets? If not, what would be the right one for you?
 I haven´t ever had pets and I don´t think that I will get any because I´m quite
 allergic to hairy animals.
5.Many Finns are fans of motor sport. Do you like motor sport, too?
 Yes, I like to watch motor sports but fan would be a wrong word to describe me.
6.Do you have a dream car? If yes, which car is it?
 If I had a lot of money I would probably buy Audi A6 Avant with powerful engine.
7. If you had the opportunity to meet a famous person which person would it be?
 I don´t know... hmmm.
8.Would you do a bungee jump?
 I have actually promised to a friend of mine to jump when we have a chance to do it.
9.If you had to leave Finland some day in which country could you imagine to live?
 Definitely Sweden or Norway. 
10.As a ski jumper you have already visited many countries? Which one would you
 like to visit privately?
 Australia would be a nice holiday resort.

Photo and questionnaire: Sabine@arttulappi.de

Photo and questionnaire:


11.Maybe you know the magazine "SkiSpringer". Would you give your ok for a home
 story about you if they asked?
 Maybe not, it depends. Anyway I think it´s good to separate private life from the
 world of sports.
12.No Summer Grand Prix takes place in Finland this year. Do you think it is a pity?
 No, I do not think that it would affect somehow the results of Finnish team.  Of
 course it is nice to compete in home country, but after all it makes just a small
 difference. We have to travel a bit more.
13.Many people are not interested in ski jumping in Finland in summer. What are
 the reasons?
 Summer is the best season of the year to train harder and concentrate in more
 in more important events. I think it is also a bit stressful to keep yourself in top form
 for the whole year.
14.How do your next weeks look like? When will you train? Are you taking part in
 Next two weeks: Mon- Thu training in Kuopio, Fri- Sat competitions in Lahti,
 Tue competition in Kuopio, Wed- Sat competition and junior ski camp in Vuokatti.
15.Maybe you have tested other ski sorts. Was there a thought to change? 
 I am happy to work with Elan, so I don´t find a reason to try skis from other
16.Your aims for summer and for season 2005/2006?
 I would like to get back after two bad seasons to the level where I was
 2002- 2003. 
17.Finland gained two medals at the Junior World Championships. Are the
 guys, esp. Joonas Ikonen, now strong competitors for you (expect Anssi
 Joonas is a good friend of mine and team mate in Finnish b-team.
 His summer season has gone quite well and I believe that he will gain
 success also during forthcoming seasons.
18.The world record is 239.5 m now. Have you expected such distances?
 It seems that it´s a trend in this sport to jump every year longer jumps than
 before. So it was not a big surprise.
19.Maybe Norwegians plan a bigger hill than Planica... Is this still
 It sounds nice. It is just another question if it is still responsible. Also smaller
 hills make a difference between jumpers and offer good competitions... and 
 the budget is just a small part from the budget of those giant flying hills.
20.There are also considerations to build ski jumps into halls. What do you
 about that?
 It is possible, but I think ski jumping is an open air sport. :)



Questionnaire: (c) S. Link